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Interactive Warband Sheets (505kb). Includes space for character portraits, automatically updates warband ratings and allows you to add some warband history to add depth to your warband. Also includes some sample sheets. These were designed to go with the Heroes of Mordheim Campaign below.
Mordheim Master Map (639kb). The much sought after Mordheim map which details the areas of Mordheim as well as the surrounding settlements.
Heroes of Mordheim Part 1 (955kb). Months in the making, Heroes of Mordheim is for experienced Mordheim players who want to explore the various additional rules floating around the Specialist Games Website (plus some of our own), but combined into a single campaign. The following file details the campaign setting and the first two wards to take control of; The Towers and The Ruins.
Heroes of Mordheim Part 2 (389 kb). The Underground details the areas of ruined sewers and caverns below the south eastern section of Mordheim. As a large part of it is below The Pit, many strange encounters will greet your warbands and they may struggle to escape the maze of passages in The Undergound.
Heroes of Mordheim Part 3 (881 kb). The Underground Appendix details the special Exploration Charts and additional equipment that the warbands will come across in their travels through the dark tunnels of Mordheim.
Heroes of Mordheim Part 4 (485 kb). The Wizards' Garden is a magical place that has become wild. Many of the artifacts and creatures of the great explorer, Prince Salvador Horatio, were gifted to the wizards of Mordheim after his death. With the care-takers gone, much treasure is to be found here, but also much danger.
Heroes of Mordheim Part 5 (926 kb). The Wizards' Garden Appendix contains what warbands will encounter as they spend time in the strange undergrowth. Also details the minor artifacts a lucky warband can find.
Heroes of Mordheim Part 6 (914 kb). Here you will find the real treasures of Prince Salvador Horatio. Heroes of Mordheim concludes with a run down of our campaign as it stood when this was written.
Clan Skryre Warband List (942kb). Details the emergence of Clan Skryre in Mordheim and contains fiction to justify their appearance. Also contained herein are the many strange and disfunctional warpstone weapons available to a Clan Skryre Warlock Engineer.

Scenario List (811kb). A massive list of scenarios in one convenient pdf. Includes the multiplayer, Khemri and Lustria scenarios, amongst many others.

  The Crusades (in progress). A new campaign setting for the lands of Araby during the Crusades.